The Plight of David Noakes

by the Editor
Edit made on 21/12/2018

David Noakes


Throughout this week, some rather disturbing behaviour from the MHRA to cover up the fact that very effective cancer cures exist, saw them seek a maximum custodial for David Noakes who on the advice of his legal team pleaded guilty to manufacturing, supplying and selling an unlicensed medicine for the manufacture and supply of GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor). This was curing stage 4 (and earlier stage) tumour cancer patients. The sentence is due next week for David Noakes

Yes, you did read that right, the MHRA are covering up cancer cures. One can only come to the conclusion that profit is better than the cure to them.

I am given to understand that healthy bodies produce GcMAF, but in those where cancer is established, GcMAF production is blocked. GcMAF activates your macrophages, which then eat cancer. The GcMAF David Noakes was supplying was curing tumour cancers, including terminal cancer patients.

GcMAF can according to what I have heard from an online talk by David Noakes, be made using human blood or breast milk (Edit 21/12/2018 - I have had clarification that it is not confirmed if GcMAF can be made from breast milk. It may or may not be possible and if it is the question as to whether it is of the same potency also needs to be answered. I apologise unreservedly for being potentially wrong). As there at least two scriptures warning against consuming blood, I can only recommend the possible breast milk version:

Leviticus 17:14 For it is the life of all flesh, the blood of it is for the life thereof: therefore I said vnto the children of Israel, Ye shall not eat the blood of no maner of flesh: for the life of all flesh is the blood thereof: whosoeuer eateth it, shalbe cut off.

Acts 15:20 But that wee write vnto them, that they abstaine from pollutions of Idoles, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood.

Both from King James 1611 Version

Again as always, I recognise that misrepresenting God's word is a serious matter and I would never try to do that so if I have in any way made a mistake with the context in which I have used these verses, please correct me. I realise some argue these verses are about eating, but I am not confident enough of that especially in the case of the scripture in Acts. There is also the point to consider as to if the blood version of GcMAF by itself constitutes blood in God's eyes. I do not know the answer to that and am of a mind to err on the cautious side.

Nevertheless the question has to be asked, why are the MHRA (who never pipe up about all the children murdered and injured by vaccinations), so threatened by this man, that they have to concoct a monstrous court case against a man who was curing severely ill people that the NHS couldn't cure? In some cases when people couldn't afford it, he was even treating people for free. This GcMAF, David says would cost a fraction of the current cancer treatments offered and offers a much better cure rate. It should be mentioned that cutting out sugar and carbohydrates in combination with GcMAF achieves an even better result as cancers only eat sugar (that knowledge in itself even without the GcMAF is of great value to beating cancer). The reason for cutting out carbohydrates is that our bodies turn them into sugar.

I would also like to say that regarding the blood issue, David Noakes was, I believe, working on a synthetic version of GcMAF, which would not be a blood product.

The BBC's coverage of this has been horrible. We have had the BBC taking out of context a remark by David Noakes that he wouldn't claim that GcMAF cures cancer again. They seemingly forgot to explain he was referring to the fact of the trouble it has caused him and he certainly wasn't changing his mind on whether GcMAF cures cancer. In fact the BBC's coverage of this is so bad and so misleading, and in conjunction with it being yet another in a long string of their fake news articles, they should apologise for it. They have fitted him up as basically going to court, pleading guilty and then twisted his words to make it look like he is now denying all his claims about the good it does.

To be frank if David Noakes is guilty of breaking the law for producing GcMAF, anyone with a fully working immune system also is (obviously there are issues with the blood product version of GcMAF, but surely this man should be supported to produce a non-blood version?). Those of us with properly functioning immune systems produce and treat ourselves with our own GcMAF. Also anyone getting a blood transfusion (which I wouldn't recommend) is getting a dose of GcMAF (amongst other things) so the MHRA approve a much less sterile procedure of blood transfusions which also transfer GcMAF, but prosecute David Noakes for giving patients only the GcMAF.

If your body isn't making GcMAF then your chances of getting hold of GcMAF on prison island are likely to be slim. I would urge caution if looking online for it as there are scams about. David Noakes was giving out the real thing (live GcMAF), but there are scammers.

There are 8 other methods I am aware of. I am blessed enough to have not been in the position where I have had personal need for these so all I can say is do your own research and make your own mind up. If you want to go for the chemo that is your choice. I know what my choices would be, but I can't make your choices for you. The 8 methods, which you could even combine are below:

1. Starve it. Stop eating sugar and carbohydrates (which the body turns into sugar). Cancer feeds from sugar only.

2. Large dose of Vitamin C (IV) (10 grams). The Riordan Clinic published this suggestion. You can get Liposomal vitamin C which can be drunk. Some also suggest combining this with a grape juice diet.

3. Vitamin D3 (at least 20,000iu per day).

4. Apricot kernels (Vitamin B17). This is banned by the FDA and MHRA. The Telegraph like to spout the government line that this will kill you because they contains cyanide, this despite the fact that many other foods you find on the household table contain the exact same thing. Also cited is that they contain Benzaldehyde. What must be noted is that the way they are contained within the Apricot kernel means that the cyanide cannot harm the body, but the same protection isn't there for the cancer cells, thus the Benzaldehyde and Cyanide are deleterious to the cancer cells.

See the below site:

5. Cannabis Oil - Ideally not the stuff that is starting to come out pharmaceutically as that will almost certainly have been tampered with to the point where it becomes a mild relief and doesn't have the full curative power. What you will get with Big Pharma's version is likely the palliative version. Obviously the boys in blue will be down on you like a ton of bricks if you dare to manufacture this healing substance so it's one that those who are using really need to keep under their hat. In this country you can watch child pornography and get a suspended sentence, but curing cancer is another matter entirely.

Please note that Cannabis Oil is not the same as smoking cannabis (a subject which I do not know enough about to pass comment on).

6. Essaic - Lookup Rene Caisse's Toronto Hospital work on this herbal provision in the 1930s.

7. MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement). This is a very interesting subject as people have used it for all sorts of ailments. For dosages you will have to do your own research as it varies.

8. Human breast milk.

As I have already said I haven't tried these, but I write this in good faith and having investigated what other people have to say and seen plenty of testimonies from people I believe. I have had family members affected by cancer in the past. Sadly at the times, I did not have the knowledge I have now.

I will close by saying, please do your own research. It would be just as rash to blindly trust me as it would be to trust our NHS on this matter. Do the research, put what I have said to the test and what the NHS says. Also there may be additional options not covered in this article. Seek and ye shall find.

David Noakes on GcMAF

The beginning of this video is on a different subject to GcMAF and with hindsight now contain some inaccuracies in terms of timings for the destruction of Britain, much like with those who predicted we would be microchipped around the turn of the century (they were out with their timings as this is only starting to come into the mainstream).