Time to Step Up

by the Editor
Published 6/7/2021

The time is now. You must step up and help us prevent the liars in government, SAGE, the WHO, the WEF and others from jabbing children with the death jab.

The evidence is clear that these jabs are unsafe. Over one million adverse reactions in the UK alone:

COVID-19 Yellow Card Data | UKColumn

This is way beyond the point where any sane person would have stopped using these jabs. It can now only be described as deliberate murder and assault to continue the use of these jabs.

Each and every one of us needs to put a stop to this madness now. Look at this 13 year old boy murdered. If we allow it they'll come to jab the children. Let's not allow that.

Healthy 13 Year Old DIES In SLEEP After Getting JAB / Hugo Talks #lockdown (odysee.com)

I could ramble on, but I think the point is very clear. I've said enough on this site over the past year to prove conclusively the whole pandemic narrative is a total lie. We now have heart problems appearing in jab recipients and youngsters dying mysteriously after being jabbed. It's fairly obvious something isn't right.

I'm asking you what you're going to do about it? It isn't enough to sit in and hope those of us out protesting and informing people are going to do it all. We need you to join us and help us. Don't be fooled by any brief summer relaxation of unlawful lockdown, they are keeping the thing going by not releasing fully so that they can try again in the autumn and winter months. We must put this vile government of occupation on the scrap heap and make sure they are exposed for the murders they have committed.

If the vaxxed start getting strangely ill or dying later on this year or next year, we need to ram home the point that they have being deliberately poisoned by the government.

Remember we are acting out of love to protect people. Get on to this Telegram group and join the fight locally: Telegram: Contact @wharfedalewakeup