YouGov: Nadhim Zahawi's Propaganda Machine

by the Editor
Published 2/3/2021

Throughout this falsified pandemic YouGov have been publishing polls and from the ones I see, they tend to be backing up whatever the government's latest assault on freedom is.

YouGov was jointly founded by Nadhim Zahawi and Stephan Shakespeare (he was born as Stephan Kukowski). In the 1997 General Election Shakespeare/Kukowski stood for the Conservatives and lost in the Colchester seat and Nadhim Zahawi is of course the current Vaccines Minister. Both Zahawi and Shakespeare/Kukowski have been Chief Executive of YouGov with Shakespeare/Kukowski being the current one.

There is clear evidence here to show that YouGov is a Tory machine and the data it is producing in support of unlawful government policy should be treated at the very least with caution or in my opinion disregarded as there is high potential for bias.

Imagine my surprise (or lack of it) to find that according to YouGov there is now large support for vaccine passports and even a 48% for using them in pubs with 41% against.

It is obvious what is coming. Unless there is a massive push back on this tyranny they are going to implement this and those of us that don't want the poison vaccine and swabbing will be gradually locked out of society.

Take a look at this article:

Covid-19 Vaccine Passports: British Public Support for Travel, Gyms, Care Homes - Bloomberg

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