No Jab, No Job: Tyranny is Here

by the Editor
Published 16/1/2021

You could be forgiven for thinking George Orwell's 1984 was a work of prophecy rather than of fiction, but here we are in 2021 living in a situation right out of the pages of 1984. Truth is memory holed and ever changing. The science we are so often told dictates government policy is as stable as a drunk man walking on ice.

Now, here in 2021, we have Pimlico Plumbers openly stating their intention to make it a condition of employment for new employees that they are vaccinated

Pimlico Plumbers

This to me is unacceptable. I am very much against vaccines, this is tantamount to forcing people as they might not be able to feed their families if they can't work. If Pimlico Plumbers top brass are in favour of vaccines that is their decision and whilst I disagree I want them to have free speech to voice their opinions, that doesn't extend to being able to force people to have vaccinations by shutting off routes of employment if they don't have them.

It is a clear example of doublespeak to me, quite how Charlie Mullins can say he isn't forcing anyone to get the vaccine, but that he won't hire people that don't have it is beyond me. Clearly such behaviour would be forcing some people to get a vaccine under threat of unemployment.

I would ask you to take a few minutes of your time to politely tell Pimlico Plumbers what you think of this at the below link: