Organ Donation: Done Whilst Patients Remain Alive

by the Editor

Organs for Sale

This article will likely divide opinion, but which ever side of the debate you are on I would implore you to read this article and be aware of the facts before making your decision. It's a touchy subject and I appreciate it will raise strong emotions, but I feel that there are things that more people need to be aware of in relation to organ donation, hence this article.

Would you consent to your organs being removed whilst you are alive and with no anaesthetic, but after being given a paralysis drug to stop you moving?

If not beware of the Deemed Consent Organ Donation Bill going through Parliament which you can read more about here.

This harrowing article from the UK Column, which can be read by clicking here was written by Doctor Mike Williams and in it he elaborates on the fact that organs are being taken from living patients with no anaesthetic.

I find it incredible that we currently have a man in jail whose crime was curing people of cancer and at the same time we have medical professionals effectively being allowed to murder people in a manner akin to some sort of ritual disembowelment.

Lord McColl of Dulwich said this in a deabte on 1st February:

"I will explain why. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the world of organ donations and assumes that only those who have signed the organ donor register can be donors, it is easy to see the huge appeal of deemed consent. If 37% of people have signed the donor register, then introducing deemed consent is clearly attractive; even if this provoked 10% of people to opt out, one would still be increasing the total pool of donors from 37% to 90%—a huge boost.

But this is not how organ donation works. At the moment, anyone in England can be an organ donor apart from the 0.7% who have signed an opt-out register. Crucially, you do not need to have signed the organ donor register to be a donor. In fact, as I set out at Second Reading, most organs donated in England in the past five years came from donors who had not signed the organ donor register or the opt-out register. The key to their donation was their family, who made the donation decision for them. Rather than increasing the total pool of donors, the introduction of presumed consent actually threatens to reduce the total pool of potential donors from 99.3% to something more like 90%—a small but not insignificant minority opt-out."

Taken from:

At this point here is the link should you desire to opt out:

Note the framing of this in a negative light with the word refuse as if you are doing something wrong. It's not "Choose not to Donate", it is framed as "Refuse to Donate". A deft piece of mental blackmail to begin with.

Whether you will need to "refuse" again if the Deemed Consent Bill is passed I do not know.

It's a touchy subject and you must make your own mind up, but I do not trust a medical and health industry that jails people who cure cancer, advises to wipe up Novichok with baby wipes and that in conjunction with the judiciary ensures the death of children like Alfie Evans.

The Cure for Novichok
Come across some Novichok?
Don't worry baby wipes will save the day!

Who is to say this industry isn't harvesting organs from people who would recover?

If being cut up alive is of concern to you, perhaps you need to consider opting out now. I do realise people may benefit from organ donation and do not want to upset people who may have relatives waiting for organs, but would you want to have your organs agonisingly torn out of you whilst you are alive?

There may be caveats allowing relations to opt you out even if you haven't already opted out should this legislation pass, but don't bank on those saving you. If you want to avoid being organ harvested I see little option other than opting out.

Once again some outstanding arrogance is on display by some in Parliament to think they have a right to to the organs of the general public. Consent in these issues should never be presumed and as Lord McColl says this step risks backfiring and having the opposite effect to that which some of those pushing it may want anyway.

In summary; will I be consenting to organ donation? I will not. I urge all readers to make an informed decision as when they have you alive and under the knife, you will be needing a miracle to avoid a miserable death.

Whatever your decision, please make it in full knowledge of what the outcome could be.

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