No Pleasure in Saying: "We Told You So"

by the Editor
Published 10/12/2021

So Johnson in his Plan B announcement hinted at what many of us have being warning about: mandatory vaccination (or rather mandatory poison jab).

To those who didn't believe those of us warning you, there is no pleasure to take in saying that we told you so.

The diabolical behaviour of Johnson in introduced Vaccine Passports is in my view an act of Treason.

If you are waking up now, you must stand with us, I certainly am not going to mock you or be angry with you for not realising sooner.

Some important pieces of information to bring to your attention are below.

Firstly, the episode of UK Column News from 8th December 2021 which includes Maajid Nawaz of LBC excellently shining a light on how "vaccinated" people who die are deliberately in some cases being classed as "unvaccinated" to make it look like the jab free are dying in high numbers, when in reality people are being killed by this jab and other government policies.

Secondly if you want to get involved and are local to the area try this group:

Wharfedale Wakeup

You can join the local Telegram chat group for Wharfedale Wakeup here: Telegram: Contact @wharfedalewakeup

The government in conjunction with the Behavioural Insights Team and other malign entities have been using hypnosis techniques on you. There is high level criminality and treason afoot.

Stand firm, give these criminals a Winter of Non-Compliance and pray to God for Him to demolish this wickedness.