Show Your Papers: Welcome to Nazi Britain

by the Editor
Published 20/5/2021

Once again the conspiracy theorists have been proved correct. The despicable action of adding a Vaccine Passport to the NHS app has revealed some very disturbing content in the privacy notice.

I'd like to highlight a few parts of this disgusting document which you can read in full below (I do encourage you to read it):

COVID-19 vaccination status service privacy notice - NHSX

COVID-19 vaccination status service privacy notice - NHSX (


"What does the COVID-19 Status Certificate service do?

The service enables you either to view, or to receive a letter indicating, your COVID-19 vaccination history."


"How does the service work?

Digital users
Users of the digital service can use an NHS login to authenticate into the service. Data will then be retrieved from existing data we hold to provide a Certificate of your vaccination history on your smart device.

Non-digital (Covid 119)
Users will be asked to provide name, date of birth and postcode. If these identify a relevant history, then a letter will be produced and sent to the address we hold for correspondence."

From this we see the clear direction of travel to a future with digital and paper vaccine passports. This after Nadhim Zahawi who was amusingly dubbed Anton LaVax by one wag online this week, had told us back in January there were no plans for a vaccine passport. At the time many of us knew this was a complete and utter lie and the fact that now some 4 months later we have an NHS Vaccine Passport available is testament to the fact that the statement back in January has to have been a lie. Systems like these don't go from not being planned to being available in a 4 month time frame.

Zahawi Lies

I also draw your attention to this highly sinister part of the NHS document here:

"What is the purpose for the processing of personal data?

The principle of the COVID-19 Status Certificate programme is to ensure that illness and death from COVID-19 can be minimised as the UK’s social and economic life is re-established. This will apply both during and after the Government “roadmap” allows citizens to emerge from the restrictions placed on the country during the COVID-19 pandemic response.

The Covid Status Certificate provides citizens with evidence of their vaccination history. As the country resumes normal functions, this data will be useful for further aspects of unlocking as they arise, for example for International travel or attendance at domestic events once these have been permitted by government policy and guidance."

Here we have clear proof of intent that these abominations are planned to be used within Britain and to be made to seem a normal part of every day life. This is criminal activity by the NHS and the government.

Do not accept this. Take off your masks and end the plandemic yourself.