"British" Regime Attacks Children

by the Editor
Published 25/8/2020
Edit 26/8/2020 - Corrected 397 to 307 and added a missing work "above" to a sentence

Some truly sickening acts have been perpetrated in recent days.

I first draw your attention to this abomination from Greater Manchester Police:


What sort of dictatorship treats a child's birthday party like a criminal act? A child having fun, no we can't be having that. Who also reported this? We need to wake up and this has to be stopped. It is vile and disgusting for the police to be behaving like this.

Apart from that Greater Manchester Police have also committed the criminal act of Subverting the Constitution by doing this:

Bill of Rights:

"That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void."

Next we come onto Scotland currently occupied by the Double Speak Party who want Scotland to be independent whilst under EU control.

Today came the news Secondary School children in Scotland over the age of 12 will have to wear masks in areas such as corridors and other communal areas in school. I urge parents and school children to defy this This decision seems to be based on guidance from the World Homicide Health Organization.

Quite frankly this is insanity. If there was something contagious going round then first of all masks like this wouldn't stop it and secondly if masks did stop it then you'd have to never take the thing off. Also if masks do stop illnesses then it is also logical to say they must stop you breathing properly via decreasing oxygen intake and increasing Carbon Dioxide intake (one for the BBC's Carbon Cult to get onto there). Stopping your body breathing properly will of course impact your immune system thus causing illness. Maybe masks are there to generate a "second wave"?

In the last 9 weeks of data released according to the Office of National Statistics we have had 8 weeks with death rates below the 5 year average and 1 above (the most recent with it 3.4% above the 5 year average for the week). The 3.4% accounts for 307 extra deaths, but note this from the Office of National Statistics (ONS):

"Of the deaths registered in Week 33, 139 mentioned “novel coronavirus (COVID-19)”, the lowest number of deaths involving COVID-19 in the last 21 weeks and an 8.6% decrease compared with Week 32 (152 deaths), accounting for 1.5% of all deaths in England and Wales."

Again we can see COVID-19 if it even exists doesn't account for the extra deaths for week 33 according to "official" statistics. If the government is truly being "led by the science" why aren't all the draconian measures now scrapped?

I doubt the figures will be held, but I would like to know how many deaths masks have caused since their recent mandating.

I don't believe the earlier death spike months ago was caused by "COVID-19". It is my firm belief that was caused by mental health issues caused by the government and media. The off shot of this was suicides, deaths from lack of medical treatment, deaths from loneliness, deaths from Do Not Resuscitate Orders and deaths from placing people who were ill in hospital (with various illnesses) into the care homes.

The NHS should be there to protect us not itself. Quite why we were protecting the NHS as they put it is beyond me. We have had hospitals that are meant to protect us barely being used.

Of course we must continue to display love throughout this time and we must have hope in our hearts and in that regard please be uplifted by the below video and be strengthened to stand for what is right: