Lyn Thyer to be Extradited to France

by the Editor

A wrong judgment from Judge Supperstone has paved the way for the French medical authorities to get their hands on Lyn Thyer.

At the weekend news was coming out that Judge Michael Supperstone ruled that Lyn is to be extradited to France. It is a judgment that is unlawful under British law, but then again the court involved was operating under EU law rather than British law.

Lyn was involved alongside David Noakes in the production of GcMAF. I do have concerns on a scriptural basis about GcMAF being made using blood, but I have been informed that it should be possible to make it without blood so if it could be produced in that manner, we'd have something truly brilliant in our hands. It would also be something that would torpedo big pharma and not just in their chemo money spinner. With GcMAF being a key part of our immune system it also has deleterious effects on other ailments than cancer as the video below details.

It is worth mentioning that there are numerous things out there that have similar destructive effects on cancer which are also hidden from the general population in the same manner as GcMAF.

This was announced around the time of the Alternative View 10 conference. GcMAF was one of the subjects for discussion. Was this announcement deliberately timed to try and deflate the conference?

I ask that both Lyn Thyer and David Noakes are in your prayers. That the European Arrest Warrant is being unlawfully executed in Britain when we are not and never were lawfully a member of the EU is a criminal act, even more so when it is being used to penalise those who are trying to do good.

We need to pray that something happens to stop Lyn being taken and also for David's protection as they want to get him to France too. This is another shocking piece of EU injustice here. David Noakes was making people well so should not have been jailed here, but the suggestion now is that he be punished twice. Is serving a jail term, then subsequently being held deported to be held on remand in different country for the same so called offence and then potentially jailed again in line with Common Law? I think not.

We need to remember this could happen to any one of us and it is imperative that this criminal cabal the European Union be deported from our shores wholly and completely to put an end to these types of outrages.

The measure of Lyn Thyer and David Noakes is displayed near the end of the video above. They'd do it all again. Even to save just one life it would have been worth it to them. They saved considerably more than one and I pray that God will strengthen them and save them from this endeavour.

A message to big pharma, the truth isn't going to go away. We know of many ways of dealing with cancer now that don't involve your poisons. A working immune system is equipped to rid the body of cancer tumours by itself. Get the immune system working properly and goodbye cancer.

This is what GcMAF causes macrophages to do to cancer cells in lab conditions. You might rightly say that is good, but does it have the same effect in the body? Well David Noakes, Lyn Thyer and their team put it to the test and the results were remarkable. I would advise readers to look at some of David Noakes presentations and interviews with those he helped on YouTube.

To explain what GcMAF does is as follows. Our bodies have macrophages. One function of macrophages is to eat cancer cells. In the absence of GcMAF (which our bodies naturally produce, but which isn't produced by those with established cancers) the macrophages do not attack cancer. GcMAF is if you like the activator, the spark that starts the fire. Once the GcMAF goes in as shown above, the macrophages start to attack. Our body is designed to rid itself of cancer. When cancers are established it is because our immune system has been compromised. Cancer isn't some random mystical force that randomly appears for no reason.

If the videos above get deleted as part of YouTube's war on truth, please email and I will hopefully be able to provide you with copies.