Lyn Thyer Unlawfully Extradited

by the Editor
Published 27/8/2019

News has been a bit sparse on here recently for which I apologise to readers for, but more articles are on the way.

Sadly we are starting with bad news, but news of an exciting event will follow in another article.

Lyn Thyer has been kidnapped and taken to France under the guise of "extradition".

I put this up as a note for those following the story. Lyn can be contacted here:
Lynda Thyer
Fleury Merogis Prison
7 Avenue des Peupliers
91700 Fleury-Merogis

The British Embassy for France can be contacted here and I quote from the government website:

"If you’re in the UK and worried about a British national in France, call 020 7008 1500."

Please follow this advice and ring this number. I encourage everyone to make contact. In particular ask the embassy why a British woman has been allowed to be kidnapped for curing cancer.

We should be wary enough about extraditing anyone, but this case is particularly concerning as it is such a sham and outrageous both in terms of decency, law and even legalities. There is no valid basis that I can see for this extradition. Of course if someone can prove otherwise I will happily publish the information.

Please pray for Lyn and if you can take the time to write to her. Let her know she is not alone.