Ipsos MORI Translates as They Die

by the Editor
Published 25/7/2020

Readers who read the article published recently on the Craven Freedom about the COVID-19 testing letter may have noticed that Ipsos MORI are involved in the testing:

Ipsos MORI translates from Latin to English as "They die". Given the plethora of information already presented outside of the legacy media that government policies rather than COVID-19 has caused the excess deaths observed, it is now even more concerning that we have a company called "They Die" involved in testing.

I had to double check this when I first heard as I was thinking surely not, but after running it through two Latin translators I got that it can translate to "They Die" or "Themselves Die".

Please if you are reading this and still believe the government narrative, please from the depths of my soul I am asking you wake up and escape what is coming for you. Throw yourself into God's love.

Is there any significance caps in MORI being in capitals on the Ipsos MORI branding. This would render as "They DIE". It puts an emphasis on "die".

MORI is in this instance an acronym or initialism, but it is still a very strange combination and even more so in this context. It may well be a total coincidence, but I find the name rather sinister given what is going on across the earth at the moment.

There are a couple of videos I would like to share with you dear reader:

Vernon Coleman can be rather blunt and to the point and I can see some may take offence at that, but there is a lot of logic and sense in what he is saying with regards COVID-19. He is in fine form in the video below:

The UK Column (www.ukcolumn.org) has been exposing the COVID-19 lie for many months now and continues to do so. One of many fine episodes of their news presentations is below:

I urge you all to take hold of the gift of God which is eternal life. Death will have nothing on God's children, Jesus has beaten the grave and is alive so rejoice and be full of hope.

Romans Chapter 6 Verse 23: For the wages of sinne is death: but the gift of God is eternall life, through Iesus Christ our Lord.

King James Bible 1611 Version

In these times let us all have each others' backs. Let us stand up for one another and protect each other. Let us provide for each other and share among ourselves.

As a side note to the reader who emailed recently about the videos section, if you can get back in touch with me with a way I can email you back, it'd be a pleasure to discuss things with you. I sense that although we differ in our views, we probably aren't too far apart in the motivations we have.

Our society is in my opinion being fractured these days by divide and conquer tactics.

We have had the E.U. referendum which whilst I am certain leaving was the right decision, has clearly been used to play people off against each other.

We have Black Lives Matter, which whilst perfectly correct as a statement because everyone matters is being used to wind people up against each other and cause tension. I believe a lot of the Black Lives Matter protestors are decent, loving people and don't hold the values that the organisation itself holds. Likewise I believe that many who voted to remain in the European Union did so out of a belief they were making a good decision. These differences should not be used to divide and conquer the land.

Mask wearing is the latest battle. Those of us who won't wear them are often doing so because we have done plenty of research which has shown to us that wearing them will suppress the immune system of the wearer, making them more likely to get ill and thus more likely to infect others. We have families too, we don't decide we want to go out harming people, we make reasoned decisions which we believe to be correct and moral. Those who do wear masks are usually doing so either out of fear of being fined or because they genuinely believe they are helping others and themselves. Again with some of these people they are doing what in their heart is moral.

Vaccinated versus non-vaccinated will likely be one of the next big battles. If the government even try to mandate that one I would predict there will be a very big backlash, much bigger than the mask mandating backlash. You only have to look what unfolded last time mandatory vaccinations were attempted in the 1800s. Again I don't believe the general public who choose to vaccinate are bad people, though I do disagree with them. I do however believe the behaviour of the big pharmaceutical companies around vaccines is appalling and there is plenty of evidence to substantiate cases of mass murder against the vaccine industry for knowingly letting products which had failed even their own safety standards to be put into use.

We can debate things definitely between ourselves, but rather than shaming others and getting wound up with each other can't we realise there are those on both sides of the mask and other arguments doing what they do out of love and concern for others?