Health Passports Backed by Blair, Hunt and Hague

by the Editor
Published 22/8/2020

Readers of a certain age may remember the debate about us having ID cards here in Great Britain back when Blair was Prime Minister. That never came to fruition, but Blair is back trying to push what is probably an even more malignant version of that scheme with health passports. He is backed up by Jeremy Hunt a current Conservative Member of Parliament and by William Hague former Member of Parliament for the Conservatives, former Tory leader, former leader of the House of Commons and he is also a current member of the House of Lords.

Please remember these three are very big hitters in the world of politics, this hasn't been authored by some back bencher or local councillor; not that there is anything wrong with those roles, but the point being these 3 have a lot more influence.

These three together have signed this:

Blair Institute Mass Testing Plan - Click to Read

I would like to pull this quote from this appalling and tyrannical document:

"We would be building towards the regular, ongoing testing of every person in the country.

We define a mass-testing regime as one that includes regular, ongoing Covid-19 testing of all citizens. The purpose of such a regime is to identify asymptomatic cases and break the chains of infection.

This testing would be conducted in a variety of settings: at home, at work, at transport hubs and at a diverse range of other testing sites. The testing regime would make use of rapid point-of-use tests – both antigen and antibody.

These results would eventually feed into a health passport that would provide evidence of an individual’s Covid-19 status at any given time."

For many years those of us that have warned of schemes to microchip/microdot the population have been dismissed as crackpots, tinfoil hat wearers and conspiracy theorists.

Now this health passport may take the form of a phone app or a digital record shared nationwide to shops, events and so on before it quite conceivably becomes interwoven into the body itself via a microchip or similar technology, but it now must be blatantly obvious that the plan is for us to be itemised, tagged and traced wherever we go.

This is an absolute abomination.

Will this mean you can't even enter the shops without having signed up for a health passport? It's a distinct possibility.

I've even noticed recently of this scheme to give phones to the homeless. On some levels perhaps a caring thought, but is there another motivation for this. Is this so that even the homeless can be tracked? - Also available here as an archive for it is deleted or modified

This COVID madness must end. We are testing people with meaningless and inaccurate tests and declaring people who aren't ill as "COVID-Positive". This is not only a disgusting mental attack by linking it to something like HIV, but is also utterly absurd. It's at the same level as this: "My arm feels fine, but maybe I should get it tested to see if it is broken or not". This so called COVID-19 if it actually exists is not a serious ailment and we are destroying nations for it.

As for the protect the NHS slogan, there is another inversion. The NHS is meant to be there to protect us.

As a side note we have David Noakes and Lyn Thyer extradited and in France now for the production of GcMAF. Yet another scandal by the medical cartels.

At this time of year we should be enjoying some of our favourite sports. The football season should have just started, but what do we see instead? The football season due to start behind closed doors next month. We have quite a few clubs locally: Burnley, Leeds United, Preston North End, Blackburn Rovers, Accrington Stanley, Bradford City, Harrogate Town and many more. With the exceptions of Burnley and Leeds who get absurd sums of money just for playing in the Premier League, the rest of these clubs could conceivably go bust if they aren't allowed to play to crowds without any anti-social distancing nonsense. In the longer term I think even Burnley and Leeds would go without the fans as football without fans is a pointless sport. Football is a spectator sport, it won't survive without them.

Are we prepared to let all of our culture, everything just be smashed into some grey mishmash of total and utter misery by a criminal government?

Dear reader, we all have our part to play and I post these articles out of concern and love. If I were to be proven wrong on all this I would be delighted, but sadly it is obvious something bad is going on. Check what I say and if you find it to be correct you must resist this dictatorship.