Biometric Based Health and Vaccine Passports for Shops

by the Editor
Published 24/2/2021

The Craven Freedom has warned and warned about health passports. This is not a trumpet blowing look at me, I was right exercise, it is a please listen and don't let this happen exercise.

The government are now openly displaying their deception once more. Having tried to mislead us into thinking health passports for shops won't be introduced, here they are working on that very idea (with facial recognition too).

Take a look at this Guardian article:

Archived Version Here

and this Times article:

NHS app to be converted for vaccine passports | News | The Times

Archived Version Here - (You can read in full here without subscribing to The Times)

Note how The Times even mention the app bringing in facial recognition to verify it is your certificate.

It is obvious this is all about control. It was never about a virus, putting aside whether Covid-19 exists or not. The government intend to have you tagged, tracked and traced. Cash would go and payments would be digital. Privacy would go out of the window.

This is conspiracy fact and we need some backbone collectively to say no.

Are you prepared to stand and help stop this?

Take off your mask, say no to the vaccine, meet your friends and family and enjoy life.