MSM and Government Assault on Freedom of Choice

by the Editor
Published 18/5/2021

A quite frankly disgusting article vilifying those who reject the poison jab has today being published by The Telegraph citing ministers as the source. Take a look at this lie of a statement:

"Vaccine refusers are the "principal threat" to the final lifting of lockdown restrictions on June 21, ministers have warned."

As the government in cohorts with Big Pharma and other nefarious groups prepare to do all they can to keep the population in an unlawful lockdown beyond June 21st, we can see they are priming the population to blame those who have quite rightly chosen not to be poisoned.

The article in question is archived below:

Politics latest news: Vaccine refusers are the 'principal threat' to final unlocking on June 21 (

I think the Telegraph need to look at the Yellow Card data from the MHRA which captures only a fraction of the true picture. Over 750,000 adverse reactions so far and well over 1000 deaths. The real figures could be 10 times higher.

COVID-19 Yellow Card Data | UKColumn

I'd like to quote a scripture. Please note that this was spoken thousands of years ago so I'm not saying it is directly related to today, but I think the advice can be applied to our current situation:

" 16¶ Behold, I send you foorth as sheepe in the middest of wolues: be yee therefore wise as serpents, and harmelesse as doues."

Matthew Chapter 10, Verse 16
King James 1611 Bible

We would do well to be wise and see the blatant divide and conquer tactic at play here. The government and Big Pharma (as well as other individuals) are the ones to blame for the loss of liberty and freedom over the past year and a bit. They are now trying to offload the blame for their criminal behaviour onto those of us who refuse to be poisoned.