Lyn Thyer Set to be Freed

by the Editor

It's a pleasure to tentatively bring you some good news. An appeal for Lyn Thyer's release from kidnap in France has been won. Should there be no successful last minute counter appeal, Lyn should be released on 8th December.

For those who don't know Lyn was involved in the production of cancer cure GcMAF. Now I always urge caution on the grounds of the scripture at the foot of this article as blood has been involved in the production of GcMAF although there is suggestion GcMAF can now be synthesized without blood. Again I need to make it clear that I in no way want to misrepresent scripture. Ask glorious Father God what the meaning and context is, He might have this as an eating and drinking restriction and all GcMAF may be fine. On the other hand the blood version of GcMAF may be an issue.

None of this was anything to do with France and this result gives hope that brave David Noakes might now not be extradited for the same "charges" as Lyn was.

Nevertheless the extradition of Lyn Thyer was wholly an abuse of process and office by numerous people involved in this outrage. It was also an outright breach of our constitution and national sovereignty. Another reason why we must truly leave the EU and get rid of the European Arrest Warrant.

To conclude this article here is a link to a report on this and the scripture:

NHF Article - Click to Read

Acts Chapter 15 Verses 28 and 29

28 For it seemed good to the holy Ghost, and to vs, to lay vpon you no greater burden then these necessarie things;

29 That ye abstaine from meates offered to idoles, and from blood, & from things strangled, and from fornication: from which if ye keepe your selues, yee shall doe well. Fare ye well.

King James 1611 Version