Fight Back: You Must Stand

by the Editor
Published 24/8/2021
Small addition 29/8/2021 to highlight Mike Yeadon and his credentials and also one format amendment

Despite clearly being unsafe, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in America has according to the legacy media given full approval to the Pfizer death jab that was previously operating under an emergency approval (despite the absence of any pandemic). I have also heard rumours that this is not a full approval and the mainstream media are deliberately misrepresenting the truth of the matter, but either way I think we can be fairly sure these filthy injections are clearly going to get full approval in America and also here and be mandated unless we push back.

You must do what you can against this. These are critical times. Nigh on every MP must be charged with treason and genocide, as must SAGE, SPI-B and associated groups.

We can end this fairly quickly. We must have a winter of non-compliance. If you've had the jab please don't panic, get in touch there are natural and pharmaceutical based things that can potentially help you. Remember us on the side of truth want to help you. If the jabs have compromised your immune system we care about you and want to help you. We can't promise anything, but we have people with good levels of expertise in the truth community that have treatments to suggest that might help undo or nullify the effect of the poison jab on your body.

We're seeing talk of vaccine passports to enter night clubs at the end of September. Take a step back and look at this. There never was a pandemic. Sars-Cov-2 may or may not exist, but there has not been a pandemic in the real sense of the word, it's been a vast fabrication and now criminal politicians want to lock those who refuse to have this toxic concoction into them out of night clubs.

It's the time for vaxxed and unvaxxed to stand together. This cabal must fall. We must bring this evil group of people down. We have to do it, they plan to poison children in the autumn and winter. This is very serious, but at the same time, I think we've done so much ground work this year and built up a real head of steam. We can end this, but we have to be firm and make this kingdom into a true united kingdom. United in love and determination to restore freedom and to remove the evil from our land.

I've added a video below that I've picked up on recently. I have taken a few weeks off for the purposes of a break and to sort out some stuff for myself so the site has been quiet for a few weeks, but now it's really time for us all to knuckle down and free our country.

Take a look at this on Midazolam, which if true is very serious (one of the main men speaking here is Dr Mike Yeadon who was formerly the chief scientist and vice-president of the allergy and respiratory research division of Pfizer):

If you want to get active locally join Wharfedale Wakeup at the links below: