Don't Fall for the Second Wave Scam

by the Editor
Published 30/6/2020

You are being primed by the mainstream media for a "second wave" of these COVID-19 lies. I would expect this to take place in the traditional common cold season later this year. Don't fall for it and don't socially distance. Go out, shake people by the hand and live your lives.

For those aware of the scam and following the Office of National Statistics, you will possibly already know that even with COVID-19 being erroneously slapped on many death certificates, the total excess deaths still cannot be accounted for by the COVID-19 deaths.

I ask is government policy causing these excess deaths? Do we have government policy killing people?

It is becoming more clear by the day that COVID-19 if it exists as a single ailment is not some high risk illness. In fact the government website announced before the lockdown that COVID-19 is no longer classed as a High Consequence Infectious Disease: - (Archived copy here if article gets deleted or changed)

Why then we should ask was this followed by a lockdown. This is a totally illogical follow up to downgrading a disease isn't it?

Then we come on to the new abnormal. Back in October 2019 just before this scam started, many great globalist institutions convened together at "Event 201".

Event 201 was a simulated Coronavirus pandemic. What a coincidence that one should happen so very soon after this event.

Event 201 saw talk of the "new normal", again another thing that is being embedded into public consciousness.

"Without a question epidemic risk has become a global strategic concern. I don't think we have ever been in a situation where we have had to respond to so many health emergencies at once. This is a new normal. I don't expect the frequencies of these epidemics to reduce and in fact vulnerabilities all over the world, developed and developing countries have increased, not decreased."

Dr Mike Ryan, WHO Emergencies Chief at Event 201 via Video on October 18th 2019

This quote can be heard in the below video also:

Simon Dolan is crowdfunding for a court case against the government for their unlawful activity in this COVID-19 scam. You can read more at the Keep Britain Free website here:

I have seen talk of the possibility of an immunity passport and the talk about an opt-in one for football matches. Are we really going to be fooled into the control grid that I and others have been warning about for years under the guise of this scam? I say this not to boast in a look at me, I told you so sort of way. I expected the control grid to come in via some other way such as war, but it is being pushed in via this very clever, yet very manipulative way. I do hope readers will look back though and see that many (not just me) have been warning about this encroaching control grid for years and it is looming large on the horizon and then please believe us that are warning you of what is coming.

Will they try for a cashless society next? They've made bank notes plastic so will it be "Oh no! The virus can live on plastic notes, we'd better microdot or microchip you."?

So solutions?

End the Lockdown!

Reject the New Abnormal!

Bring Back Normal!

Don't Fear!

Believe in God!

A bit of humour below in this mickey taking video to cheer you up.