Do Not Fear

by the Editor
Published 16/5/2020

Statistics are saying that a quarter of adults in UK have watched a religious service and one in 20 have started praying. This was reported in The Guardian. Obviously that's not a survey of the entire UK so I can't say it's accurate for definite, but this time is a good time for people to come to faith.

The UK Column have this week reported on the use of behavioural change tools on the general public in relation to COVID-19. We are seeing wall to wall coverage of what I deem to be a vastly overblown ailment used to unlawfully fine, harass and instill fear into the men, women and children of the earth.

Whether the motivations of those trying the behavioural techniques is out of concern because they actually believe COVID-19 is a big threat or whether they are deliberately playing games I do not know. I assert that whatever their reason these techniques are not helpful and would ask everyone reading this article to read the UK Column article and watch the UK Column video below. Our own servants are using mind manipulation techniques on us to try and make sure we don't even shake each others' hands. A simple British pleasantry and they are trying to outlaw it. People are not going to suddenly start dropping dead all over the place just because someone came with 2 metres of someone or shook someone's hand. It is illogical to think that way and moreover it damages our ability to interact with each other and form relationships.

We have had plenty of bad flu seasons in the past without house arrest being introduced. I'd also remind everyone that if you read the Bible you will see Jesus dealing with fevers without the need for social distancing or lock downs.

In the past when sanitation was poor Smallpox run amok and was far more lethal than COVID-19 although even Smallpox wasn't as lethal as modern day legends would have you believe (not that I'd want anyone to get it as it certainly wasn't a laughing matter). We really need to get some context on this COVID-19 situation as a nation as we are destroying our nation by following this fear.

We're not getting proper debate about what is going on with our military and the EU as well as what else is an isn't going on in thos negotiations. COVID-19 is largely (although not entirely) whitewashing that. We need some proper reporting on other subjects from our media.

Think about this please; this is not something to fear. You do not need to be vaccinated before you can go back to normal, if that was the case we'd have all died out many years ago from some past ailment. Just go back to normal. Be big, be brave, do not fear.

God bless you all I pray.

The UK Column article can be viewed here and the video is below: