David Noakes the Cancer Cure Man is Free (For Now)

by the Editor

It is with great delight that I report that brave David Noakes is free from prison.

David Noakes (front)

I believe efforts are still going on to unlawfully extradite David to France. These must be fought and defeated. That our government and judicial system would even consider giving such a man over to the barbaric occupying forces in France that are busy terrorising the French people shows collusion to stifle GcMAF.

This is what GcMAF causes macrophages to do to cancer cells in lab conditions. You might rightly say that is good, but does it have the same effect in the body? Well David Noakes and his team put it to the test and the results were remarkable. I would advise readers to look at some of David Noakes presentations and interviews with those he helped on YouTube.

To explain what GcMAF does is as follows. Our bodies have macrophages. One function of macrophages is to eat cancer cells. In the absence of GcMAF (which our bodies naturally produce, but which isn't produced by those with established cancers) the macrophages do not attack cancer. GcMAF is if you like the activator, the spark that starts the fire. Once the GcMAF goes in as shown above, the macrophages start to attack. Our body is designed to rid itself of cancer. When cancers are established it is because our immune system has been compromised. Cancer isn't some random mystical force that randomly appears for no reason.

If the video above gets deleted as part of YouTube's war on truth, please email editor@cravenfreedom.com and I will hopefully be able to provide you with a copy.

One thing I will advise readers is not to believe the BBC reports on David Noakes. They are a mixture of lies, half truths and vast distortions. Sadly this is what you have to expect from the vast perversion known as the BBC. Oh what a joyful day it will be when that organisation is shut down.

Please do your own research and you will see just what the likes of the BBC are up to besmirching David Noakes. I would go as far as to say this ropes the BBC in on a conspiracy to commit mass murder charge. Of course in the current climate that is a non-starter, perhaps we need a climate change (another BBC subversion favourite there).

Of course we can rest assured that the BBC will be dealt with in due course. At the present time they are the gift that keeps on giving as their output has become so deranged and now so blatantly false that it makes our job very easy to show them for what they are. So I say we should make use of the BBC as a vital tool to wake people up. Their epic blundering and daily drivel whilst outrageous are also an open goal for us.

The mainstream media cannot be trusted on health. They are busy along with Matt Hancock pushing ludicrous pro vaccine propaganda and measles scare mongering.

My advice to you dear reader is if you value your health, do your own research. Things are heading down the pipeline that are not good. Do not be bullied into taking vaccinations for yourself or for your child. Remember it is your decision and one that you should make informed of the facts. By that same token do not believe vaccines are bad just because I say so. I am warning you because I care, but make the truth your own. It would be just as strange a move to automatically follow my guidance as it would to follow the advice of the likes of baby wipe central Public Health England.

You have to seek to find the truth.