CoronaGates, 5G and Lockdown vs Non Lockdown

by the Editor
Published 22/4/2020
Tweaked 6/5/2020

4 recent editions of UK Column News which I have embedded below have contained a wealth of information about COVID-19, Bill Gates and the fallacies of the lockdown.

I would also like to touch on the mainstream media rubbishing anyone who links 5G to what is going on. It is unclear yet what is truly going on, but it is entirely possible that 5G is causing or exacerbating illness in some areas. Please note I am not saying all areas as I am well aware that it isn't live everywhere and even where it is you may see differences in the extremes of the effects depending on which 5G frequencies are operating.

Mayo Clinic lists infections, fever and weakness and fatigue among the symptoms of radiation sickness. For the media to tell us that 5G has absolutely no link to any of these illnesses is to insult our intelligence. It has to be considered as a possibility and not dismissed out of hand.

Bill Gates dangerous vaccine drive is continuing. It is up to you to make up your own mind, I am strongly against vaccinations and even more strongly against this planned Coronavirus vaccination, which I consider to be even more needless than usual. The talk of immunity passports is worrying. The Gates vaccine could even microdot you under the excuse that you'll be able to be scanned and shown as safe.

We are not their property to be tagged and itemised, God created the earth and everything on and in it, not Bill Gates. God gave us immune systems that can learn how to deal with nasties. Trying to intervene with the natural functioning of this system via vaccinations has been shown to have many bad results. One of these is Original Antigenic Sin, whereby the immune system is programmed how to react to a certain ailment by the vaccine, but the vaccinated version doesn't have the full armoury that the proper version of the illness has. The result of this is that when the vaccinated individual then encounters the full strength version of the illness, it issues the response that dealt with the weaker version, the full strength illness has other attacks up its sleeve and gets a hold, meaning you get more ill as the illness gets a hold and your body has to work out that its defence isn't working and then has to deal with an illness that has got a greater hold on the body than it would have done had they not been vaccinated.

There has even been talk of trying to punish people for posting anti-vaccine material on social media. If what those of us against vaccination say is rubbish then simply counter our arguments; shutting down free speech would rather imply that we are correct.

Research vaccines yourself and see what you come up with. You should make sure you are fully informed before having anything like that pumped into your body.

I would also draw attention to the statistics comparing the deaths in some non-lockdown countries to lockdown countries. The statistics show deaths per million people from this supposed ailment. What we find is the non-lockdown countries have far less deaths per million of the population than the UK and in we see a lot of non-lockdown countries out performing lockdown countries:

As of 17th April the UK Column were reporting the following deaths per million from this ailment:

Sweden: 132
Iceland: 23
Belarus: 4
South Korea: 4
Japan: 1

UK: 202
France: 132
Germany: 47
Spain: 409
Italy: 367
Belgium: 419

Mexico: 3 - Went into lockdown on 2nd April.
USA: 104 - Not sure how we should class the USA as I don't think it is fair to class it as a full lockdown given what is going on there.
Taiwan: 0.3 - Am led to believe there is no lockdown, but there are reports of phones being monitored to check social distancing. A measure I do not support:

I do want to highlight that the non-lockdown countries aren't doing nothing. Some still have certain measures in place, it's just they haven't gone to the same Orwellian lengths as others have.

Some may argue for other reasons as to the difference in deaths, but there is certainly a case here to be argued that lockdowns are having an adverse effect.

Despite all this evidence that the lockdown is having a negative effect on deaths and destroying livelihoods it is persisted with.

An interesting article was produced here:

I pray the spirit of fear upon the earth will be broken. We do not need to fear this, there's many more serious illnesses that it is possible to contract all year round which we don't live our lives in fear of.

Before I embed the videos we come onto the subject of Bill Gates and his Foundation. The UK Column brilliantly highlighted the information that follows in their videos:

We see a lot of money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been donated to BBC Media Action.

Gates and the BBC

Bill Gates and the BBC

Gates seems to be held in high esteem by the BBC and is presented as some sort of leading light in current events. The BBC will argue it is a separate company to BBC Media Action, but I think that is a very weak argument. Of course some people can take donations off people and remain impartial. Some people have that level of integrity, but it is usually the done thing in cases such as court cases to not for example be on the jury if you know the defendant. You may well judge fairly, but you still lay yourself open to accusations of impartiality.

We see Gates' Foundation again involved in donating money to the now Chief Medical Officer of England, Chris Whitty. The Guardian reported this matter:
Whitty and Gates

Again, this doesn't mean Whitty is bent, but with all this talk of vaccines and with the involvement of Gates in these, it puts Whitty in a position where he could be accused of bias should he support some of Gates' endeavours.

Whitty has been involved with the Department for International Development (DFID) which collaborates with Bill Gates.

Chris Whitty and the DFID

DFID and Gates

Gates and the DFID

If anyone reading wants a topic to follow on from this take a look at ID2020.

Without further ado, here are the UK Column videos:

Also available here:

Also available here:

Also available here:

Also available here: