Coronaviruses: What is the Reality?

by the Editor
Published 25/3/2020

Recently we have seen mass panic in our nation about Coronavirus, but what is the reality? Is there an attempt to force vaccinations and/or to remove cash?

Closing the schools to most is likely to have a huge impact on peoples' livelihoods and will have widespread repercussions for our country's future.

The below video which is very interesting about the transmission of viruses and other things came to my attention. There are comments flash across the screen, one of which at least is a bit inappropriate so I warn viewers in advance. The information though is something I felt a need to share so I am posting it for you to look at. Scriptural message also feature in viewer comments; as always I would advise you to pray regards the true meaning of anything to do with God or scripture.

The government recently announced the declassification of Covid19 as a High Consequence Infectious Disease on 19th March so why was that followed by what is being called a lock down?

I saved the page from their website and uploaded a copy here to preserve it for if they take this text off their website.

View it by clicking here

The original link which may or may not contain the same message now, is here:

Something isn't right here. We see pizza deliveries and shops pushing against using cash. Big Pharma is lurking to attempt a vaccination push.

I wonder what is going on with EU military union currently.

Be on your guard. Trust God. Be full of hope, do not despair. Be uplifted and be there for others.

Do not get microchipped/microdotted. It may or may not be the Mark of the Beast, but even if it isn't it is something to avoid.

Please see this data presented by the UK Column below:


Hopefully they will continue to present updated data over the coming weeks.

Some have also commented this might be a time when something good is going on under the cover of all this. That would be preferable to some interpretations.