Compulsory Vaccinations?

by the Editor
Published 4/10/2019

In what I view as unacceptable and perhaps being drifted in under the smokescreen of all the chaos going on with the EU, Health Secretary Matt Hancock is still banging on about vaccines with compulsory vaccinations for school attendance even being mentioned by the media.

This is not in any way shape or form acceptable. This man has no right to inject these poisons into our children. Many children have died from these things and there are plenty of Doctors that believe that besides the adverse reactions, vaccinations do not give you proper and lasting immunity anyway.

I saw somewhere this week (sadly I cannot recall where) something going on about a Chicken Pox vaccination.

Vaccination for Chicken Pox to me is absurd. My children weren't vaccinated, they got Chicken Pox and threw it off in a few days. Unless you are seriously compromised to begin with (in which case vaccines are an even worse idea than for normal people) then Chicken Pox is going to be a brief period of feeling awful and then you'll have a proper immunity against it.

If you look at television productions from years gone by Measles wasn't viewed as something serious, it was portrayed in the true manner. That is that the children got it and had to go to bed for a while to recover. Measles was only a big killer in this country when we had sewage running into the drinking water and squalid living conditions. Once we brought a better standard of sanitation to Britain the seriousness of these diseases duly decreased. History revisionists falsely attribute this success to vaccination.

Hancock has been quoted as making the following comments recently:

"For measles, the falling vaccination rates are a serious problem and it is unbelievable that Britain has lost its measles-free status."

Britain wasn't measles free at all in reality. Measles has always been around as far as I can remember. It's (in most cases) a minor ailment.

"The worst thing is if you don't vaccinate your child and you can, then the person you are putting at risk is not only just your own child, but it's also the child that cant be vaccinated for medical reasons."

"Maybe they have cancer and their immune system is too weak."

Medical professionals have argued vaccinating a child makes them more infectious to others (this is known as vaccine shedding) so perhaps Matt Hancock should consider that vaccinated children could be putting those with weak immune systems in danger.

"When the state provide service to people then it's a two-way street"

Matt Hancock should remember that the government have no authority to foist vaccines on us. A service (not that I would call vaccination that) is something you can choose to make use of or not.

I would like to remind all readers that we the people are sovereign over Parliament as Ian Duncan Smith admits in the video below.

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To any parents reading this, I implore you do the research and make your own decision for your children. It is your decision to make, not Matt Hancock's, not mine, not the pharmaceutical industry's and not the medical profession's.

You can lawfully refuse vaccination under our common law should the Health Minister try anything along these lines. Remember we have the power of jury annulment so we the people can convene a court and as a jury of 12 can annul any Act of Parliament that doesn't fit with common law.


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