Compulsory Vaccines for Care Workers, Passes for Pubs and Further Outrageous Charlie Mullins Statement

by the Editor
Published 27/3/2021

To anyone reading this that hasn't yet acknowledged we are living in a dictatorship, you need to realise this truth.

We have some deeply depraved behaviour going on in Parliament. Only this week the Telegraph published a story alleging that Johnson and Hancock want to mandate Covid-19 vaccines for care workers. I believe this story because this pair and others involved in this gigantic scam are desperate to get this poison injected into people.

You can read that story below:

Exclusive: Care home staff to face compulsory Covid vaccination (

Archived version of above link

It is now clear that Boris Johnson and his crew fully intend to bring in vaccine/health passports. They've now structured the conversation towards not introducing it until everyone has been offered the vaccine. The very nature of the way they are talking shows they absolutely intend to bring this in. Take a look at this from Hugo Talks:

Finally we come to the latest outburst of Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers, which is absolutely outrageous. It seems he doesn't even want unvaccinated people on the streets. This sort of view is how things like genocide slowly creep into society and it has to be challenged. I certainly don't want to take away his right to say this, but I am going to say firmly he is wrong and out of order. Also that anyone that goes beyond talking and tries to implement this should be jailed. Take a listen to what he says below: