CommonPass - A Slippery Slope

by the Editor
Published 29/8/2020

For many years the microchipping of people for purposes such as tracking, purchasing and selling have been warned against. Those of us warning against them have been dismissed as lunatics.

Well those warnings given are clearly now becoming valid. Take a look at CommonPass being touted by one of the main players in this earth wide scam, the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum were heavily involved in Event 201 which was a simulated Coronavirus pandemic exercise taking place just before all this COVID-19 stuff kicked off. That of course though was just a coincidence and not at all linked.

Note also that the Rockefeller Foundation seem to be involved. - Archived here for if it gets deleted or changed. - Archived here for if it gets deleted or changed.

This is perilously close to having to carry a digital ID before being allow to go shopping, go to the football or do almost anything. It isn't quite that yet in this guise as this seems to be about from moving from country to country, but that's one way of making it more acceptable then once that is accepted there's a path to start saying these are common place and should be used in society in general.

It also seems to me a nice little way of certain people behind it enriching themselves on the back of months of fake news from the mainstream media pretending that there is a serious illness going round when in reality there isn't anything more harmful going round than what regularly goes round.

Are you going to let them do this to you? Are you going to be tagged, vaccinated, tracked and traced and treated like a possession by our own servants in Parliament? That is the end game of this, it is more than obvious. Whether they will get there I cannot say, but I'm putting the warning out. This whole thing is clearly all about control.

If you still believe the mainstream narrative, look around you, people aren't dropping dead all over of COVID-19, people have been dying of mental health issues, the resulting suicides and lack of treatment for things such as heart attacks.

Look around you at the damage done to employment figures and little businesses. Little businesses taken out so big business has even less competition.

Look at the damage done to our children and the appalling conditions due to be placed on them upon return to school. We're going to see children masked and children made to feel like they are a disease and unable to approach friends.

This is disgusting and it must stop. Are you willing to play your part?