Baby Wipes for Novichok and the Murder of the Unborn

by the Editor
Published 7/9/2018
Amended 12/2/2020

A particularly disgusting article came to my attention recently.

This sad and sorry article trumpeted government plans to legalise women taking the second early murder (abortion) pill at home. Currently 2 pills have to be taken at a clinic 24-48 hours apart. Murder is unlawful. Legalities do not override laws.

Comment from Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer who has also advised to clean up the lethal to the touch nerve agent Novichok with baby wipes, was reported to have said the move would ensure women were given "safe and dignified" care and "Abortion can be a difficult experience so it is important that women feel safe and as comfortable as possible."

The Novichok advice is almost ceratin suicide should anyone follow that advice. The attitude of not having any respect for the dignity, safety or comfort of unborn children is concerning and sadly too common these days.

The Novichok advice:

  • Wash clothes you were wearing in an ordinary washing machine using regular detergent at a normal temperature.
  • Wipe items like phones and handbags with cleansing or baby wipes and dispose of the wipes in the bin.
  • Keep your items double-bagged and securely fastened, if they are dry-clean only. Further advice will follow.
  • Items like jewellery and glasses should be hand-washed with warm water and detergent then rinsed with cold water.

I don't think the strangeness of this advice can be underestimated. Effectively this advice is advising you to commit suicide. Would you wipe Novichok with a baby wipe knowing that it is lethal stuff and that you would quite likely end up getting it on your skin and dying if you wiped it up in this manner? If not maybe you would like to politely contact Sally Davies or Public Health England and ask them why they are giving advice such as this. I suspect she is an intelligent woman and maybe has been put in a position where she maybe feels forced to put these comments out. Nevertheless there is something very strange here.

Baby Wipes

Back to the main subject, the fairly obvious advice in most cases of women getting pregnant when they don't want to would be, you know what causes pregnancy so if you don't want to get pregnant don't do it. Murdering an unborn child afterwards because it is not convenient to you is absolutely unacceptable.

That is not to say I don't have pity for those who deeply regret their actions afterwards. Society is portraying this action as acceptable so naive and impressionable young girls (and older women) therefore go along with it. The people that need to be confronted over this to stop this agenda are the medical and government professionals pushing this disgraceful agenda.

If we taught our young ladies and men to act appropriately rather than go to bed with anyone, that would be a good step. Disgusting programmes like Hollyoaks being taken off the air would be an ideal first step. We must get the right attitudes back in society. Life is precious. Ending a life is not some trivial event. These lives are in or heading into their mother's womb. A place which is meant to be loving and nurturing. This is turned into an execution chamber by the health agencies supporting abortion.