Poison Jabs Approved for Babies in America

by the Editor
Published 3/7/2022

Unanimous approval to inject children with the convid jab has been given in America by the murderous Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means we could see babies as young as 6 months old being murdered with these proven poisons. That not one of the panel voted this criminal act down shows the FDA up as an out and out criminal organisation.

Joe Biden the man illegitimately pretending to have won the last election in America was quoted as saying "Today is a day of huge relief for parents and families across America". You might as well have a paedophile occupying the office of President if this is the attitude. Biden in my book, is guilty of crimes just as bad as some of those done by child sex abusers.

You can read a bit about this outrage here: Article about FDA approving death jab for children

It has been well documented now that these jabs cause blood clots and heart attacks. What possible good reason could anyone have for approving the injection of these into children? What conclusion can anyone of a reasonable mind come to other than either those approving lack the mental capacity to put 2 and 2 together or that they are deliberately engaging in sickeningly evil acts designed to kill and maim?

We're now seeing more hysterida generated about monkeypox and polio as well as the insanity about Ukraine. As the winter approaches we would do well to avoid any new jabbing campaigns and if masking and lockdowns return then resist.