Attack on the Unvaxxed and the Great Climate Scam Continue

by the Editor
Published 18/11/2021

Austria have introduced a lockdown for the unjabbed. This came into effect on Monday I believe. Again another so called "conspiracy theory", this time of medical apartheid has come true. Some may say it is perversely appropriate that the birthplace of Adolf Hitler should choose to be one of the first to start these tyrannical measures. Will there be a yellow star for the unvaxxed to wear next? We certainly seem to be witnessing a resurrection of the type of policies commonly associated with him.

Yellow Star
1930's Germany or 2020's Europe?

This proves why we need to give these traitors in our country a "Winter of Non-Compliance". These people behind this plandemic have murdered tens of thousands on these isles alone with their disgusting lies, jabs, policies and spirit of fear.

ONS Statistics

Children are now being murdered by this jab. How does a supposed "successful" jab rollout result in us experiencing elevated deaths this summer and autumn compared to last year? It's only successful if the aim was to kill people.

Meanwhile 3 Jab Johnson has been threatening the public telling us getting 3 jabs will make our lives easier and it seems that "fully vaccinated" will be redefined to those that have been injected 3 times (and then probably 4 and 5 times).

Of course these same sort of people are now telling us there is a climate emergency when there isn't. Somewhere in the region of 15-20 years ago the falsification of data to support these narratives was front page news, now it has been memory holed whilst these domestic terrorists roll out their plandemic and climate change cons. They make out at COP26 that this is the "last chance", well back in 2009, The Guardian was promoting the 2009 Copenhagen climate talks as the "last chance":

Copenhagen climate talks are last chance, says Gordon Brown | COP 15: Copenhagen climate change conference 2009 | The Guardian (

I will leave you, for now, with a stark statement:

You are the carbon they want to reduce.