Vaccines Named Ambush & Triumph

by the Editor

Some sinister news about the names of COVID-19 vaccines has emerged:

"Ambush" and "Triumph"

Please see below:

BBC Article


In some good news although I suggest we must not take our foot off the pedal, it seems the government via Kate Bingham Head of the Vaccine Task Force have announced they don't intend to vaccinate everyone and that under 18s seem to be out of the equation for vaccinations. We must strive still to make sure that the elderly refuse this poisonous concoction being injected into them. I am against vaccination, but surely anyone for vaccination must agree that this vaccine rollout is an out and out criminal offence? They have no way of knowing what the long term effects are on the body 5, 10 or 20 years down the line. It's a disgrace and must be stopped, but I feel we have played a part in pushing them back here, though they still seem intent on making life difficult for anyone who doesn't get vaccinated according to reports elsewhere. There is a link to an article about this below: - Archived version available here

This article above is in contrast to the refusals to take mandatory vaccination off the table and to Hancock saying this earlier in the year:

"The question of whether it’s mandatory is not one that we’ve addressed yet. We are still some time off a vaccine being available. But I would hope, given the scale of this crisis, and given the overwhelming need for us to get through this and to get the country back on its feet, and the very positive impact that a vaccine would have, that everybody would have the vaccine." - Archived here

Also note from this article:

"National coordinator of the UK’s testing effort Professor John Newton said mandatory vaccinations are an option, but that hopefully it won’t come to that. He added: ‘The most successful vaccine programmes tend to be via consent, so what really matters is clear explanation of the benefits and any risks associated with the vaccine, and a really good system to make the vaccine available to anybody who needs it.

‘Although some countries have adopted mandatory programmes the most successful programmes tend to be on the basis of consent, good information and good delivery mechanisms. But clearly mandation is there and can be used in some instances.’"

It seems to me possible they were testing the water to see how far they could push vaccination, but have backed down (for now at least) on full vaccination of the population as they are probably now well aware it would likely meet robust physical resistance.

Today we have seen news leaking allegedly from government sources (although I cannot verify the accuracy of this as it was a small piece in one of the papers) that the government won't officially mandate vaccination, but they will try to get certain places to restrict entry to people who cannot prove they have been injected with this poison. Here we have the immunity passport and as near to mandatory as you can get without making it mandatory vaccination.

I'm not saying this is the Mark of the Beast, but it deeply concerns me and I think the book of Revelation and what it says is something everyone needs to be aware of.

We also now have some doctors calling for mandatory masks outdoors where two metre anti-social distancing isn't possible and in offices. In my opinion such doctors should be sacked and struck off immediately as they themselves are a threat to public health for spouting such arrant nonsense. Earlier in the year it was admitted that masks are of little to no use (many argue they are actually harmful to your health), but of course the science seems to change as often as the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay. Who knows what next week will bring, perhaps we'll all have to eat cheese every weekend or perhaps bathing in tomato ketchup might be necessary?

See more about this here: Archived version here

I'd like to bring a couple of UK Column resources to your attention.

Firstly this article:

Secondly, Monday's UK Column News, the last ten minutes which include an exchange between a viewer and Tobias Ellwood (MP and Brigade 77 member) are particularly interesting. Ellwood is the man who has pushed for the military to be involved in poisoning the public with vaccines.

Rather than put your faith in the ever changing science, put your faith in the everlasting and unchanging Father God, who knows you, formed you and loves you. I was inspired by this video and wanted to share it (I don't agree with every point in it, I wouldn't say we are a nation of fools for example, but I hope it uplifts those viewing it):