Was Captain Tom Vaccinated (and Why it Matters)?

by the Editor
Published 8/2/2021

Before his recent death, there were media reports that Captain Tom had been vaccinated with the Covid-19 injection. Now this seems to be either being memory holed or denied. I will provide some proof of this later in the article.

I must state now that I do not know if he was vaccinated or not, but I do know that the media have deceived the public, whatever the truth turns out to be.

The reason why this matters is because:

A. If he was vaccinated, then they are covering it up to prevent the vaccine being listed as a potential cause of his death.

B. If he wasn't vaccinated, his name was falsely used to promote people into getting this poison vaccine injected into them.

The media have misled the public whether Captain Tom was vaccinated or not.

Here is some documentation of the media deceiving the public:

Firstly a low quality video capture which is said to be of Sky News (who now deny Captain Tom had the vaccine). I'm unable to currently find higher quality footage of this, but the second piece of evidence is more clear and better proof.

The Daily Mail report Captain Tom had a vaccine and then memory hole it to hide that they said this:

Daily Mail Memory Hole

The UK Column also cover this amongst other things in their episode from 5/2/2021 below:

The cynical use of a vulnerable old man to further the governments' lies and torture of the public is in my view depraved.