The Winter of Non-Compliance

by the Editor
Published 28/10/2021

We are in the middle of what I would call World War 3. Some of those who claim to be our public servants are deliberately attacking us and abusing those they are meant to serve.

In good news our numbers are growing. The fight back is on. Every day more and more are waking up.

I think those behind this agenda are terrified. They're now so desperate to get their agenda through that they have their sights on the 5-11 year olds for jabbing:
Covid: FDA advisers approve Pfizer jab for children over 5 in US (

We have been consistently told children are at near enough no risk from Covid-19 yet these deranged individuals seek to inject them with something which doesn't stop you getting Covid-19, doesn't stop you spreading it and can give you a heart attack and/or blood clots (and many other serious conditions).

For me these people targeting children in this manner are comparable to paedophiles. Again it shows the "conspiracy theorists" were right, they want to get everyone with this. Such is their warped obsession they are determined not to rest until they're injecting all men, women, children and babies. Thankfully the growing resistance is exposing these people more and more.

Play your part and make this coming winter into "The Winter of Non-Compliance".

Please watch this brilliant speech from Neil Oliver: