Vaccines: Targeting the Disabled Against Parental Choice

by the Editor
Published 16/3/2021

An absolutely appalling case has come to light in recent days of a judge backing up the desire to vaccinate a disabled man against his parents' choice. Whilst the judge stopped short of giving his approval for force to be used, he nevertheless gave a cowardly approval of vaccinating the man, which effectively allows the medical or care staff targeting this disabled man to have him vaccinated if he sits and takes it.

Covid: Man with learning difficulties 'must' have jab, rules judge - BBC News

Archived version available here for if above link stops working

This is completely out of order and brings in to question what sort of a country we live in. How can this be a free country if dangerous experimental cocktails are being imposed on the disabled?

This is abuse of the highest order and as far as I am concerned this is akin to rape.

What is your view on this? If you don't like it you must push back against this tyrannical government.