Take Back Your Freedom from Unlawful Tyranny

by the Editor
Published 14/6/2021

Yet again we conspiracy theorists are being proved correct. The unlawful lockdown has been extended for another 4 weeks.

Whilst international criminals like Biden and Johnson cavort gleefully, mask free and with plenty of touching each other at the G7, they expect us to believe we are in the grip of a deadly pandemic. These people are taking the mickey out of us.

Take off your masks, don't get the jab, see you friends and family, open your businesses and let's end this nonsense ourselves.

Please take a look at this video below from a gathering movement in Skipton and surrounding areas called Wharfedale Wakeup.

You can join this group on Telegram at: https://t.me/wharfedalewakeup

Go down to Skipton Town Hall at midday every Saturday. Have a go on the megaphone yourself, talk to people and get the place woken up.