A Chemical Cocktail in Front of our Nose and Mouth

by the Editor
Published 6/4/2021

Please take a look at this rather interesting Daily Mail article:

Scientists find evidence of toxic chemicals in some face masks | Daily Mail Online

Archived Version

The Daily Mail seems concerned some of these masks could cause "unintended health effects", I'd say quite the contrary and they are deliberatley intended to cause ill effect. The government admitted before mandating masks that they are of at best minimal use and those of us researching them know many harms are linked to them.

It's my view that all face masks are going to cause harm. Even ones not coated in toxic chemicals prevent proper breathing, make you reinhale exhaled carbon dioxide and you'll end up growing bacteria in the mask and then sucking that in and also blowing it out when you breath in and out.

All in all I find masks to be utterly pointless and actually likely to cause widespread illness rather than prevent it.

Ask yourself this:

If a mask stops illnesses getting in, doesn't it also stop you breathing?

and conversely:

If you argue a mask doesn't stop you breathing, it can't stop illnesses either can it?

So take off your mask and don't live in fear any more.