The Curious Case of Avril Haines

by the Editor
Published 2/2/2021
Missing word "Foundation" added 3/2/2021

The highly suspect election of Joe Biden has brought an interesting new appointment.

The appointment in question is Avril Haines being appointed as Director of National Intelligence.

Avril Haines
Avril Haines - Event 201 Coronavirus Rehearsal Participant

On October 18th 2019 the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others convened run through what many would call a rehearsal of the upcoming Covid-19 plandemic. They played out a Coronavirus related to pigs. How convenient that Covid-19, another fictional pandemic, would be played out only weeks after this event.

One of the participants at this Event 201 was none other than Avril Haines. How convenient that she would be appointed now to such a high position in the Biden regime which is determined to ramp up this made up pandemic. In reality Covid-19 is the flu rebranded and the excess deaths (which are still thankfully at low levels if you compare age and population size adjusted stats for previous decades) are being caused by lockdown, masks, vaccines, lack of medical treatment for people that need it, suicides and old people dying from lack of hope and purpose.

You may also have noticed Mike Ryan, Emergencies Chief at the World Health Organization (pictured below) appearing in Covid-19 propaganda. He was also involved with Event 201.

Mike Ryan
Mike Ryan - Covid Propagandist

It may be worthwhile readers looking into other Event 201 participants to see if they crop up in the Covid-19 scam.

Here are 5 videos of Event 201. They are lengthy and you may not want to sit through them all, but it is my view these people were rehearsing for Covid-19 (whether they all knew it or not is another matter).