Only 256 Deaths Total Potentially Caused by Covid-19 at Airedale Hospital

by the Editor
Published 16/3/2021

Take a look at this article from the 11th March from the Craven Herald where they report that only 256 Covid deaths have been reported in total at Airedale Hospital. This proves we are not facing a deadly pandemic. This is less than one per day over the space of this false pandemic and whilst it has to be said this doesn't include those who died outside of hospital, there would be far more than less than one per day dying at the local hospital if we had a real deadly pandemic.

Total Covid deaths at Airedale rise to 256 as police issuing of fines slows slightly | Craven Herald

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Think about this. We don't even know for certain what the 256 stated actually did die of. If you still believe the official narrative, break the hold the government has on your mind. These figures don't equal a real pandemic.