Cure Diseases = Go to Jail

by the Editor
Slight updates 2/12/2018 with scriptural content

David Noakes


Earlier this week, David Noakes received a fifteen month jail sentence for manufacturing, supplying and selling an unlicensed medicine for the manufacture and supply of GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor). This comprised of 12 months for the GcMAF and and additional 3 for a farcical money laundering charge for the relatively small profits he made off GcMAF, which was nothing compared to the years of hardship he suffered after the criminal cabal running this island froze his bank accounts. They also at one point were accusing him of tax evasion despite him saying he wanted to pay, but couldn't as they had unlawfully frozen his accounts.

The behaviour of the MHRA, the British government and the media (in particular the lying BBC) in portraying David as a crook this week has meant I feel compelled to write again in defence of David. The real crooks in this are the ones who arrayed themselves against David. That said we should pray for both David and those covering up GcMAF.

Luke Chapter 6 tells us in the following verses how to react:

27 ¶ But I say vnto you which heare, Loue your enemies, doe good to them which hate you,

28 Blesse them that curse you, & pray for them which despitefully vse you.

King James 1611 Version

I covered in my previous article (click here to read it) of the results cancer patients have had when treated with GcMAF and even the judge at David's trial agreed that GcMAF is beneficial. I think the judge wasn't quite brave enough to give a suspended sentence, but did better than many do with the full weight of the cartel breathing down on him demanding a crushing sentence for poor David. Brave David could potentially be out in less than a year. Let me tell you MHRA that too many people know about GcMAF for you to keep a lid on it. He might be in a prison cell currently, but David Noakes is victor over your evil in this battle.

I want to give two quotes from the trial. Now these might not be word for word accurate as I wasn't at the trial, but they should be accurate or nigh on accurate. The meaning of the sentences should be absolutely accurate though. These quotes come from Ian R Crane who gave superb coverage of the trial and aftermath.

When asked if it was worth breaking the law David's response was:

"Was it worth breaking the law to save lives? Absolutely."

A quote here that is attributed to Judge Lorraine-Smith is very telling:

“I believe this medicine is and will be beneficial to people who need this treatment.”

We even have the sentencing Judge acknowledging that David isn't a snake oil salesman and that GcMAF works.

Why, I wonder did BBC News not take this angle in their coverage? The BBC instead decided to spin David Noakes' remarks at the trial off into a completely different context to how they were meant to be taken, but coming from a corporation that are still covering up paedophilia by refusing to report properly on certain cases such as Melanie Shaw and even memory holing information that they had previously put out in years gone by, this is sadly becoming standard procedure.

Still we should pray for those at the BBC that are doing this and show love towards them. None of us are perfect, I certainly am not and am not publishing this article to elevate myself, but rather to try and open the eyes of people that there is a battle between good and evil going on.

David in years gone by sometimes did get rather carried away with his comments and did occasionally make some slightly inaccurate statistical claims relating to GcMAF, which he does now acknowledge, but the basic premise of what he was claiming is sound, GcMAF does the job.

This link below contains some worthwhile information:

David's slight exaggerations in the past are nothing compared to the Goliath lie factory of the BBC. For those who struggle to believe this I urge you please, to do your own research. Research what I say and corroborate it. The same goes for health in general, do not believe what the mainstream media, me or any other site says for no reason, none of us are the creator so you must put our advice to the test, research it and find the truth. For example, I will say vaccines are a disgrace (and I have future articles planned to cover that), but many Doctors would wax lyrical about vaccines. I'd say do your research, you will find the truth.

I would like to suggest that to offer David Noakes some encouragement, we can write to him. You can write to David Noakes at:

David Noakes - A7081DY,
PO Box 757,
Heathfield Road,
SW18 3HU,

I am sure he will appreciate knowing that there are those of us who are thinking of him. The prison authorities read the letters that get sent in, so let's make sure they know the truth of the matter too. A suggestion (one that I cannot take credit for myself is to write "Research GcMAF" somewhere that it will stand out on all communications to David.

Every 4 minutes on average, someone in the UK dies from cancer. This is the horrible reality.