Fracking Moratorium!

by the Editor
Published 2/11/2019

Excellent news has broken that the government has placed a moratorium on fracking.

This joy of this news should be tempered with caution as it is not a cast iron permanent ban and could simply be an election stunt to gain votes.

It is however a huge step forward and something that can give hope to those of us campaigning to stop 5G.

Sadly the reaction of the Tory Andrea Leadsom to this has been below par:

"She praised the 'advantages' of shale gas and told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: 'Yes, it's a disappointment but we've always been clear that we will follow the science.

'We must impose this moratorium until the science changes.'

Pressed on why a permanent ban is not being imposed, she replied: 'Because this is a huge opportunity for the United Kingdom."

Above taken from:

It must be remembered ahead of the election that the Tories could easily change their mind after the election. Having said that, this is no reason to vote for Labour, the Liberal Democrats or the Greens.

Quite what sort of a huge opportunity for the United Kingdom this could be is beyond me. A huge opportunity to poison our land and waters?

Remember this is from the party committed to delivering Boris Johnson's surrender treaty.

Vote the LibLabCon out in December. I will be taking a look at the candidates for Skipton and Ripon as the election draws closer, but we must have an MP in who will support a clean break from the EU. That MP is not Tory Julian Smith.