The Crown of England: Whose is it?

by the Editor
Published 25/9/2018
Amendments made 26/10/2020

I have recently had communications with a gentleman from Australia who has put together a claim that he is the rightful King of this land.

This website below details his claim to the throne. The one main point I will make is that I am aware scriptures are quoted on this website. As always I advise readers to check with our creator in prayer about if scriptures are being used in the correct context. That is not meant to pass any judgment either way on this website as I am not the author of the scriptures. Having conversed with Ivan Talbot, I strongly feel he is a man with good intentions in his heart.

I publish this for readers to consider. I have not been able to go through the lineage claim with a fine toothcomb to verify it so please feel free to make your own checks on the information.

For those who would like to contact Ivan, you can email him at:

I am satisfied from my own research that Queen Elizabeth the Second was not coronated on the Stone of Destiny which is a very interesting subject to research, though I'm not sure whether this means she is or isn't Queen.

If Ivan's claim to the throne is the superior claim out of all the claims, it raises some interesting questions.

We are clearly facing big problems in this country as we now have Members of Parliament sadly trying to tie us into the EU for even longer. I say this not to be judgmental as who am I to appoint myself as judge over anyone and I prefer mercy to judgment, I simply think we need to deal with facts and sort this matter out lovingly.

Is this period what was planned years ago in 2005 when Tory Danny Kruger wanted a "period of creative destruction in the public services"? We now seem to be seeing this.

The situation in our country clearly cannot continue like this. It is untenable for us to remain in the EU, not to mention completely unlawful for us to be a member at all under the English Constitution. The EU is seeking to take control of military and security across Europe and the UK. To me and others this is highly concerning.

Click here for an EU military unification timeline

We are indeed in a critical time in history. Our actions in this time could have big consequences for good or for bad.

This brings to mind the Biblical verse which goes something like: "You reap what you sow". I spent many years viewing that as a verse saying don't be bad or bad things will happen, but if you look at it another way it can also be a call to do good and reap goodness. In that case it is time for us to sow good seeds and reap a good harvest.