Robin Tilbrook and the English Democrats' Court Case: We Have Already Left the EU

by the Editor
Amendments published 3/6/2019 and 26/10/2020

Very pertinent to this week is the English Democrats' campaign to get it recognised at the High Court that Theresa May never had any authority to extend our departure date from the EU and thus we are out on no deal terms by default.

May certainly never had any such authority under the Constitution and Common Law as those never allowed us to be a member of the EU and the case I would put is that we never were a member.

This English Democrats case though argues that May had no statutory authority to extend the leaving date and Robin Tilbrook (the man spearheading it) is arguing that May in a statutory sense only has authority to give notice. She did so and that notice expired on 29/3/2019. If we accept this, the meaning of this is that the game is up two times over:

1. The Constitution renders any contract of membership as treason and therefore the contract has to be invalid.

2. As above even under the current Parliamentary system which largely ignores the Constitution, Tilbrook asserts that their own act of Parliament which ironically Gina Miller insisted on, only allowed May to give notice that we were leaving at a certain date, not to change that date after notice was given.

It is crucial that the law is made clear here. The law is against being an EU member and so was the vote.

Members of Parliament are servants to the people and their role is to uphold the constitution and the law.

This court battle is being crowd funded and despite very little coverage by the main media, it is raising money. If you want to donate please visit the site below and perhaps play your own little part in a piece of history:

The lawful position is what can get us out, but we would do well to remember that we need to keep alert on other situations. If we leave the EU and go back to sleep after, we will suffer for it. Godly love and forgiveness is needed, but I urge you to remember that the moral fabric of our country hangs by a thread. Immorality which we collectively have allowed to take hold is rampant. Offences such as child abuse, militant homosexuality and covered up cancer cures are but a few of the things going on. I take no moral high ground as I need forgiveness and salvation too, none of us can claim to not need the great salvation that God makes available to us. We really need a national cleansing and redemption so that we as a nation and as individuals can be brought into a good relationship with God.

Of course it must be said the only solution to mans' problems is God's Kingdom. Until that Kingdom comes, we must do our best to spread and uphold God's laws and standards.