Treason in the United Kingdom

by the Editor
Published 5/9/2020
12/9/2020 - changed High Treason to Treason
Reworded 23/9/2020
Slight tweaks - 26/10/2020

The UK Column has returned with information about Treason in the UK as our troops serve under EUFOR command. Aren't we meant to have left the European Union?

If you watch yesterday's episode of the UK Column News (embedded below), you will see that our troops have been "selected", yes selected to serve under EUFOR command. This is quite concerning and points further towards the UK being part of EU Defence Union despite having left the EU.

Reason upon the video a bit below and act in a Godly way in response.

I don't believe we should do nothing. Within the order of this land, Parliament is not sovereign, it is there to serve us the people who are sovereign over Parliament. Like God is our master, we are theirs, obviously there is some sort of dual role for MPs as they have the issue of being soverign over parliament in their position as a man/woman, but also being part of parliament in their role as MP so they have a right to a say as much as we do, but to appropriately balance those two and carry out their duties to serve the people properly when carrying out their duties as an MP.

The people voted to leave the EU therefore we clearly cannot have our armed forces serving under EUFOR command. Added to that our laws render such a situation treason given it is surely diminishing the power of the crown by placing members of the armed forces under the command of EUFOR.

Obviously there's a whole other discussion about why any armed forces should exist at all in any country, but sadly we are in a fallen state since Eden so things aren't perfect.

This has to be talked about out in the open. Exposure and honest caring talk about this will stop it.

Technically I'd say this placing some of our troops under EUFOR command fits the definition of Treason as already explained, but I'm not seeking to condemn people as traitors and be done with them. The motivation surely should be to stop this truth being hidden, bring it to the open, stop this practice and to and bring healing, foriveness and love into it all.