EU Regionalisation of UK Continues as EU in Operation in Skipton

by the Editor
Published 3/10/2020

I would like to remind readers of an article the Craven Freedom published in 2018 warning of the devolution agenda and how it is an EU plan.

We are now seeing it being carried out in full view of the public. The Craven Herald have covered this agenda although not in the same light of it being something menacing.

The original article I wrote may seem very strongly worded; I am not saying that there might not be good intentions by some involved locally in wanting to see this including those who signed the letter in the article.

Also take a look at this poster. Numerous copies of this poster with European Union European Regional Development Fund on them have gone up around Skipton.

EU Poster in Skipton

Aren't we supposed to have left the EU? My feeling is that the EU is involved in this country being divided into "Mayoral Regions" or "Combined Authorities". I suspect orders from groups such as the Global Parliament of Mayors.

It has now become clear that despite leaving the EU, we have left in name only. EU Military Union is going on with us being roped into that. Additionally the EU regionalisation project is going to be rolled out regardless of the fact that we as a nation rejected the EU.

On top of all this Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock have effectively appointed themselves and others as national dictators, issuing commands and threats to the nation continually. We seem to have an international conspiracy going on involving the likes of the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates to destroy freedom across the earth. Whilst they have society shut up and scared, they are restructuring the world that they may one day decide to allow the public to emerge into. A world where technology will be king.

All the agendas going on 5G, the EU, COVID-19, the cover up of cancer cures; they all link together. They are all pieces of one big jigsaw.

I ask why do we need mayoral regions in the UK? We clearly don't, it is like when people say we need need laws because people are attacking fire men. We don't need new laws for that, we already have laws to deal with people doing these sorts of things, it is the courts that aren't applying them.

If the UK is carved up into mayoral regions we are likely to see our country being ruled by the likes of the Global Parliament of Mayors. We will have a pretence of devolution whilst in reality these mayors will take their policy cues from big globalist entities. This is not devolution, this is globalisation.