The EU: We Must Learn the Lesson from History

by the Editor

I urge all readers to listen to this speech from Enoch Powell below. He shows how when we were first roped into the EEC or EU as it is now known, the public were deliberately lied to by the Heath administration. We were told there would be "no essential loss of sovereignty" when in reality they knew all along they were selling us down the river and an EU parliament was round the corner.

The same is going on today with our military. Clever word games are being spun. It is denied that we will be involved in the creation of an EU army and this is actually correct as what is happening is subtly, but crucially different. The EU is taking control of existing armies in some big merger. Our troops are already in some circumstances serving under the EU flag.

I also urge readers to watch the UK Column News from Friday below:

For those that haven't heard Robin Tilbrook, the leader of the English Democrats is bringing a case to court stating we left on 29th March. You can read about it by clicking the link below:

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Stop EU Military Unification

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