EU Military Union: General Election Wall of Silence

by the Editor
Published 26/11/2019

The General Election plows ahead, but there is largely silence on this key matter of EU Defence Union. The Brexit Party could be hammering this drum, but seemingly no-one in the main campaigns wants to really get to the bottom of this matter.

The UK Column ( deserve huge credit for their continued and in depth exposures of this conspiracy. Were it not for them I think many including myself would be unaware of this.

Please share these excellent videos far and wide. If you are someone on the remain side who I have sent this to, please don't see us as your enemies or as someone stirring trouble. I think for the main part people on both sides are sincere in their reasons for why they are on the side they are on, but please consider this information. I am publishing it because it is backed by factual evidence.

Both the official leave and remain campaigns in my opinion were controlled. The inability on the leave campaign's part to expose the goings on with the military when the evidence is clear make me question that campaign.

Likewise with the remain campaign, their contempt and sneering at those of us who voted to leave is in my opinion classic divide and rule. Do not fall for it.

David Ellis on EU Defence, Military and Security Union

UK Column News - 25/11/2019