Does Boris Really Want to Leave?

by the Editor
25/1/2020 (slight amendment 26/1/2020 to one sentence to make it clearer)
Slight amendments amde on 24/10/2020

I wrote much of this article around the time of the European elections, but chose not to publish it, however now after seeing a brilliant (though worrying UK Column article on EU Defence Union, I felt the need is great to make sure we see off this threat.

For any overseas readers, this is not an attack on the people of Europe. I view the people of Europe just as much as being victims of the EU as we are.

Back when leave won the European elections last year, farcical claims, diversions and excuses came from the likes of Campbell, Thornberry and others on BBC News in what made hilarious viewing on a Sunday night results special.

Thrashing after thrashing came in as the Brexit Party won nearly every area, but one of the men who took the country to war on a tissue of lies, Alastair Campbell, had the temerity to claim that remain was winning. It seems that perhaps in his mind anyone who voted Labour, Liberal or Green was automatically remain. Quite clearly there was no evidence to back up such claims and it is likely that a portion of the Labour, Liberal, Conservative and Green voters want to leave. I do concede though that the Liberals are likely to have a large percentage of remain voters amongst their votes. We've since seen a Tory landslide at December's General Election after Boris Johnson styled the Conservatives as the party who would get Brexit done, but the questions I ask are:

Is this true?


Does Boris really want to leave?

It is at this point I come onto the UK Column article. I want to pick out a point from it.

The Government has stated the UK’s unequivocal commitment to European defence and security, which will continue after we leave the EU.”

Pauline Latham MP

To me this adds more fuel to the fire that we are going to be tied into the EU via our military and security being placed under single point EU control after we "leave" the European Union.

Please read this article from the UK Column:

The rumours of Corbyn nominating Bercow for a peerage are perhaps (and if true) the ultimate insult to the people of this country. Few can be said to have outwardly done more to thwart the will of the people over this issue than this man. He ought to consider himself happy that he isn't in a jail cell for his activities.

Back onto the European elections and it is highly unlikely that anyone who still wants to remain would have voted for the Brexit Party. There may be those who voted to remain at the 2016 referendum who have voted for the Brexit Party to uphold democracy, but if they are voting to uphold democracy they can no longer be counted as part of the remain vote. Aside from perhaps a small number of people who may have accidentally crossed the wrong box, I think we can safely say the Brexit Party votes are clearly a vote to leave. Conversely aside from the parties that are all about the EU such as Change UK, who were thoroughly drubbed, it is not possible to say with a high degree of accuracy whether those voters were voting with their traditional party or if they were voting to remain. Also to take into account is those who want to leave who refused to vote as voting in these elections could be said to be giving your consent to being governed by the European Union.

Alastair Campbell - A Russophobic Racist?

Alastair Campbell's Russophobic behaviour as the results rolled in saying the Brexit Party had received Roubles showed further the desperation in the establishment that their elitist club the European Union is being torn asunder. First of all the Brexit Party clearly isn't Russian, but what exactly is so wrong with being Russian anyway? Can you imagine the uproar if Farage had accused Labour of receiving Pakistani money? Racist and fascist would have been the cries.

To put the tin hat on Campbell's comedy piece, he also managed to get himself expelled from the Labour party for voting for the Liberal Democrats.

The BBC seemed to be letting remainers do more than their fair share of talking with Emily Thornberry being allowed to rant on and on in the segment before Campbell came on. I think, in her lectures, that she even complained about a "no deal breakfast" at one point if I heard her correctly.

Waking up on the morning following, even BBC News were acknowledging that Leave had won more of the vote than the parties that they view as Remain had combined.

It is time we looked at Boris Johnson's history on the EU.

First of all metaphorically speaking can the leopard change its spots? Yes it can, but the question here is has this leopard changed its spots?

We heard talk of how Boris Johnson as Prime Minister would be prepared to take us out of the European Union with no deal. That didn't happen. Maybe he is now prepared to do the will of the people, but I list below three incidents that make me cautious that he is another May and a closet remainer. Of course even no deal wouldn't free our military as the UK Column frequently cover and thanks to their coverage the Craven Freedom has been able to do some limited coverage on this subject too.

Incident 1: Negotiating "New Arrangements" and the EU not a "real problem"

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

I have seen this quote alternatively rendered:

"Leaving would (mean) embroiling the government for several years in a fiddly process of negotiating new arrangements, so diverting energy from the real problems of this country."

I don't have a copy of the Daily Telegraph article so can't 100% verify the wording. It does seem to have been seized upon by Remain campaigners though and I think whatever your opinion on leaving the EU, we need to start asking if we are being subjected to some sort of puppet show here.

This quote from the 7th February 2016 says it all. Leaving is framed as a negative thing. It would waste time negotiating new arrangements. We have seen exactly what the LibLabCon idea of new arrangements are, to attempt to subvert the vote and tie us deeper in. Johnson goes on to talk about the real problems of this country. Clearly at this time at least he didn't view the European Union as a real problem. Boris Johnson didn't on the date of this quote feel the breach of the Constitution and outright treason to be a real problem.

Incident 2: The Flying Buttress
Take a look at this report of Boris Johnson describing us as being a flying buttress to EU military unification.

A buttress is described by Worknik as:

"A structure, usually brick or stone, built against a wall for support or reinforcement"

Is this what we should be to a Fourth Reich?

Incident 3: Video After 2016 Referendum
This video published on 14/7/2016 is worrying. Boris must know we can't have deepened cooperations with people like the French without coming under proxy control by the EU. I have no problem with the French, but until and unless they are out of the EU it becomes deeper cooperation with the EU. Does this cooperation become EU military unification I wonder?

I'd also like to mention the Bullingdon Club and show readers this picture below of Boris Johnson and David Cameron below in much younger days. If you don't know what the Bullingdon Club is, please take the time to do some research.

Bullingdon Club

It's not beyond the realms of possibility that Boris Johnson could now be wholly in favour of leaving the European Union, but the issue of our military and security services must be brought to the fore. The EU must not be allowed to have our army, navy and police. There is no Brexit if they do, regardless of what happens in other areas.

The people of these isles have never collectively voted to join the European Union. There was a vote to be in the EEC, after we had already joined unlawfully and the vote was held under the false pretence of there being "no essential loss of sovereignty" (one has to ask what they meant by "essential"). The prominent politicians of the day knew that statement to be a lie back then and for evidence of this, I can recommend this book:

EU Book

In the end there is no ordinary man or woman we can put our faith in to save us, God has paved the way via His Son. God will sort the whole mess out that is going on. What we can do is assert that God's Law must be upheld regardless of what opposition we face. Interestingly look at what part of the Coronation Oath says:

"Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel?"