The Attack on Our Constitution

by the Editor
Published 28/10/2019
Slight amendments - 26/10/2020

Let it be first of all known that we have a constitution and it is written.

Graham H Moore recently brought this case to light which is known as the Cato Street Conspiracy. If you read up on this case you will notice that charge 1 is:

"Conspiring to devise plans to subvert the Constitution"

If you click the links below you will see the 16th April 1820 proceedings from the Old Bailey:

Page 1

Page 2

There is a lot more to this case than the above, but for the sake of being able to publish an article in decent time, I chose to only put the first 2 pages up. The continuation of this can be found online on websites that store court records.

Graham H Moore's article is here:

Now this proves we have a constitution despite what some may say to the contrary.

Please don't misunderstand me, I am not attacking anyone who voted to remain here. I can get on well with people who voted to remain, I strongly disagree with them, but I believe most of them have their hearts in the right places.

The issue is with those seeking to destroy our national sovereignty. Those such as Jo Swinson who is politically cavorting with Guy Verhofstadt who was quoted earlier this year as having said this:

"They’re going nowhere. They are stuck. They knew from the beginning that all they had to do was exploit the obvious differences that existed at Westminster, to divide and conquer, and the Brexit train could be derailed."

(see here for more:

This man's anti-British (or anti-UK for those that think British has another meaning) rhetoric was given a platform by the Liberal Democrats at one of their events recently where he was a guest speaker.

I apologize for the vulgarity in the images below, but I felt it necessary to show what the Liberal Democrats and Verhofstadt are up to.

Treasonous Collusion?

Rude and Undemocratic
Enemy of the Nation
Openly Cavorting With an Enemy of the UK

This pictures above are utterly appalling. How dare this group stand against the law of the land in such an outrageous manner? Not only that, they are telling us what contempt they hold the general public in.

We are all set now to be unlawfully tied to the EU for further time. This is down to the party political system.

Boris Johnson's deal is not an exit deal. Please read it and see that it reckons we retain military independence whilst at the same time committing us not to take any military action that would be to the detriment of the EU. These 2 statements are not compatible.

Consolidated Withdrawal Agreement - Click to Read

Revised Political Declaration- Click to Read

Corbyn the man who called the EU a military Frankenstein is now bizarrely trying to stop our departure. Has someone got some sort of a hold on this man as it seems to me that the Jeremy Corbyn of the past hated the EU. What has changed?

Also of note is the avoiding a General Election. It seems obvious to me that unless some serious fiddling goes on that Labour are going to be annihilated. They have betrayed their traditional heartlands who voted to leave.

If a General Election does come then we need to make sure Boris' deal is off the table and that we have no deal and no future relationship surrender treaty with the EU.

Who should we vote for? I don't know. I do know the Conservatives under Boris Johnson seem from what Johnson has said himself, determined to shove his deal through one way or another. This deal is a surrender treaty. I would say, do not vote for any of the main parties. I am considering the Brexit Party although I am not keen on how that party is structured, there are probably enough good people in it to see the job through.

See this article for more about the current situation:

Should the Brexit Party be elected to serve, we need to make sure the job is done thoroughly and properly. That includes us being on hand to help those newly elected to deal with getting us free.

Finally, I'll close this article with this. Now this article is utter dross. The Guardian are reporting that a majority of voters now say a referendum should never have been called. The source for this astounding piece of fake news is a poll conducted for the Observer. I think no more needs be said on this absurdity, but if you want a good laugh the article is below: