EU Military Unification by Stealth

by the Editor
Published 20/9/2019
Amended 26/10/2020

The truth about EU military unification is coming out. Please watch and share the two videos below.

The waters are quite murky at the moment as to what precisely is going on, but deal or no deal EU military unification is going on and it must be shown plainly to the people and stopped.

We have the main 3 traditional parties not upholding the vote to leave the EU (though I recognise there are some individuals within these parties standing up to tell us what is going on). Things have reached the level of parody whereby Parliament has become like an episode of a sketch show.

Lord James of Blackheath and James Wells MEP have been speaking about this issue below:

As mentioned the May government was negotiating this after the vote to leave. This is untenable. We are meant to be leaving. Leaving does not mean surrendering our military, security and defence capabilities to what is fast becoming a false idol known as the EU.

These speeches should be getting wall to wall coverage in the mainstream media.