E.U. Military Unification: Barnier Presentation

by the Editor
Published 15/2/2020
Amended 26/10/2020

We have left the EU, yet EU Military Unification is still on the agenda for us.

As the UK Column have exposed continually over the years, we are being roped into military union and this is continuing even without us being in the European Union.

Please look at this graphic below which comes from a recent speech by Barnier of the European Union.

EU Defence and Security Union

Notice how "Defence Capabilities" and "Participation in EU-led operations and missions" are in there. Note only E.U. led missions seem to be on the cards and not British led missions, not that I believe we should be in this project either way.

Please also take a look at this episode of UK Column News from 10th February 2020. If you don't like this ask your M.P. what is going on and present the evidence to them. We may be out of the European Union, but if they get our military during or even after the transition period, we will effectively still be in the European Union.