For Your Consideration #9: Peter Hitchens on the Coronavirus & UK Column Coverage

by the Editor
Published 6/4/2020
Tweaked 6/5/2020

Today I came across this rather interesting video featuring Peter Hitchens. I am of much the same view as Peter Hitchens that the government Coronavirus actions are wrong.

I find the government tone used recently to be threatening towards those it serves. The threat to ban exercise I found particularly rather over the top.

We are somewhat protected by the fact that large swathes of the country don't have the numbers of Police to enforce these draconian measures. I believe the death statistics for the UK should be strongly questioned as it seems that deaths that are very likely not due to Coronavirus are being whacked down as COVID-19 deaths.

The destruction of our economy and the strain the measures taken place on some of the weaker people (both physically and mentally weak) are horrendous and I don't think I need to elaborate on the vast potential for misery and general bad consequences to come from that.

I firstly present this from Peter Hitchens for your viewing and consideration:

The UK Column News from Friday was quite interesting indeed. Among the features was a presentation by Andrew Mathers showing his claim that the statistics used for lockdown are deeply flawed:

If you don't like this lockdown and do not believe the statistics, ask questions of those such as your MP and tell others of this information.

None of this is in at all meant to belittle or demean the death of anyone and to those who would choose to isolate themselves for health concerns; I respect that you have the right to do that, but my point is that in a country that is afraid to live for the fear of some invisible bogeyman; aren't you dead already?