For Your Consideration #8: Bill Gates' Future Travel Lockdown?

by the Editor
Published 30/3/2020
Minor Tweak 8/5/2020

Bill Gates' drive to vaccinate the earth seems to be full steam ahead. This video looks at the creepy depopulation agenda and the suggestion of the need to be vaccinated or recovered to move from country to country. I'm not here to question his heart as I cannot read his heart, but I disagree with what Gates is doing.

Please note that there are far more lethal things than COVID-19 (which there is argument as to if it has even been isolated yet). We don't react like this to the flu season every year.

So far on the latest UK statistics that I have seen death rates are running under the 5 year average.

We are now at a crossroads where the destruction of the economy, alongside people not attending hospital (or not being able to attend) for non-Coronavirus issues are going to start causing deaths if this isn't stopped. The government measures are far, far more harmful than this disease which may or may not be doing the rounds. I am yet to see evidence of a reliable test for COVID-19. I am not doubting that we have had people getting ill. What I am saying is I believe there is every chance that due to poor testing methods that common colds, regular flu and many other things are being labelled as COVID-19.

Am I saying we should never take care over ailments? Absolutely not. What I am saying is the current response if you take the time to research and don't buy into the fear, is absolutely and totally out of proportion. Don't fear reader, the outside hasn't suddenly become poisonous. If you catch a seasonal ailment, take good care of yourself, but if you are going to live your life in fear of catching something that you will almost certainly recover from, then aren't you dead already?

Please watch this video - disregard the sales pitch at the end, I'm not advocating buying the stuff advertised, it's part of the video.

Please also excuse the video title. The information in it is useful.