For Your Consideration #6: This Morning Discusses the Flat Earth

by the Editor
Published 1/3/2020
Minor clarification added 2/3/2020

The flat earth is a subject which often causes disagreements, but take a look at this video from This Morning and this NASA document which both discuss a flat, nonrotaing earth. This seems quite a strange thing for NASA, a group who tell us the earth is a rotating globe to be saying there is a need for model for. Why would we need a model for planes flying over a flat earth which according to NASA doesn't exist? There may be an explanation, but it seems strange to me. The seventh page (please ignore the numbers printed on the page and count to the 7th page for these references) is one example of the "flat nonrotaing earth" references. Another is on the 36th page which has the page number 30 printed on it and yet another reference is on the final page. It just seems a very strange approach for a globe earth believing organisation to take. Surely anything that takes flight from earth should be built around a model which is based on what the earth actually is. The question to NASA therefore is:

Is the earth flat and stationary or is it a rotating ball?

Click here for the NASA document - I obtained this myself from a NASA website - it is genuine